AC Distribution Box

We provide the AC Distribution Box (ACDB) to all over pune, Maharashtra, India, which is customizable as per requirement. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of key type distribution boxes. To measure consumption from the SPV power plant, the electronic energy meter (ISI) has been made from the case of epoxy powder coated metal, in which it has its high travel count with ABB MCB which provides long life and many other components which are high Provide efficiency. We make our products incompatible in quality and make the price unmatched.

The main purpose of ACDB is to eliminate the operation of load at the immediate PCU O / P end and provide flexible operation of different lights such as street light, light of normal home or office and optional load which alternatively operated by (on / off).

What is AC Distribution Box (ACDB)?

The AC distribution Box (ACDB) is a component of the power supply system, which divides the electric power feed into the helper circuit while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit. AC distribution box (ACDB) receives AC power from solar inverter and directs it on AC load via distribution box.

Specification Details AC Distribution box (ACDB):

  • ACDB box is made of epoxy powder coated metal casting. Three feeders are provided in ACDB with MCB of installed capacity in each feeder in ACDB.
  • An electronic energy meter, ISI make is provided in ACDB to measure power consumption from SPV power plant.
  • A separate dedicated feeder is also provided from ACDB along with the PCU from the conventional line.
  • A separate change on the switch of the required system in ACDB is provided separately to separate existing connected load from the solar system and switching to the existing conference power (main) in case of emergency.

AC distribution box (ACDB) for solar application:

  • AC distribution Box (ACDB) receives AC power from solar inverter and sends it into AC load / LT panel.
  • ACDB is an important part of the SPV system because it provides additional protection to the system in case of failures in the load side.
  • A provision can also be made in ACDB for monitoring power consumption from SPV power plant.
  • The AC distribution box makes maintenance easier and enhances system reliability
  • ACDB is designed to provide high performance and additional protection from HPL when necessary as inverter is separated from the main
  • ACDB enables the installer to isolate a different load from one another in the same place, which makes repair and maintenance much safer and faster

Features AC Distribution Box (ACDB):

  • According to IEC / IS standard all HPL-AC distribution boxes are tested / certified.
  • Enclosure is only available through the use of named devices to ensure safety
  • Optimization based solutions according to customer requirements and requirements
  • Reliable electrical protection to stop
  • Wall mounting design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Each terminal safe and weatherproof makes it suitable for external applications, in addition to highly secured wiring, insulating PG cable with GLD or built on demand MC4 terminal connector.
  • Protects the system at fault during any failure on the same side
  • Internal wires included with lugs, fairytale and dressing