Solar Power Plant

Types of Solar Power Plant

Solar energy is the primary source of our planet’s renewable energy. This is a form of energy radiated by the Sun, which includes light, radio waves, and X rays, although this term usually refers to the visible light of the sun. A solar power plant is base on the conversion of sunbeams to electrical energy, […]

Solar Power Generation System

Advantages of Solar Power Generation System

Renewable energy sources include wind, solar, water, biomass, and geothermal energy sources. Of which solar power has the longest potential in the long term and is predicted to play a major role in the coming years. This is the cheapest way to produce electricity compared to other energy sources. Solar power generation is one of […]

Solar Mounting Structure

Description of Solar Mounting Structure

Solar panels are mounted on iron fixtures so that they can withstand the weight of air and panels. The panel for maximum power tracking has been installed in the Northern Hemisphere to deal with the north in the South and Southern Hemisphere. The angle of the panels is equal to the latitude of that place. […]

Solar DC Cables

What is Solar DC Cables?

After hydroelectricity and wind power, the third primarily renewable energy source in the world of installed capacity is solar photo voltaic. As a result, there is a huge demand for ‘SOLAR DC CABLES‘. Solar DC cables are completely built for applications in photo voltaic power systems. A solar DC cable connects the solar panels and […]

On Grid Solar Plant

Benefits & Works of On Grid Solar Plant

With the rapid advancements of technology in the field of solar energy, more and more people have started installing solar power system. Of the several types of different systems installed across the globe, the on grid solar power system is the most widely chosen one. A grid-connected photo voltaic power system is an electricity generating solar PV power system […]