Solar panels are mounted on iron fixtures so that they can withstand the weight of air and panels. The panel for maximum power tracking has been installed in the Northern Hemisphere to deal with the north in the South and Southern Hemisphere. The angle of the panels is equal to the latitude of that place. Tracking angle is set according to the angle categories of the solar window.

The Solar mounting structure has a support structure that puts solar panels or arrays on the solar panels on the ground. When you see a solar panel, whether on the roof or on the ground, you see them mounted on metal structures. Growing structures made of steel or aluminum support the panels on the ground, and bow to an optimum angle to achieve maximum sunlight.

Q.You can ask why solar panels cannot be directly connected to the ground..

The following reasons are that the panels should be connected to the roof or ground:

  • The panels cannot directly connect to the ground due to their own structure, and therefore they need a different mounting structure.
  • To protect the solar panels from the winds, they need secure mounting on the roof or ground. Mounting structures do this work.

Solar Mounting Structure

  • Solar panels also require protection from water and other elements which gather on the ground or on the roof.
  • In the case of roof solar, the roof cannot be suitable inclined to obtain the maximum from the sun. Having a growing structure at an appropriate angle, the solar panels can be tilted at an optimum angle. You need some space between the solar panels and the ground for cables etc. In addition, you need a place to repair and maintain panels.


Product Description:

According to the requirement of the project we create solar PV mounting system for various applications. Solar PV modules require a surface to mount the module at a particular angle as per the requirement of the site and region.


Ground Mounted Solar PV Module Structure:

Land on the basis of mounting solar PV modular system of large PV arrays in open areas. Designed with high quality components, it makes it easier to build affordable systems with long lifespan. The structure uses small size as well as for large size PV modules. The structure will be erected in both applications for the nut-bolt foundation and the grouted system.

Solar Mounting Structure


  1. Sloped roof mounting systems
  2. Flat roof mounting systems


It is made of 100% Aluminium Material. This Slope roof aluminium mounting structures has a lot benefits like:

  • Easy to handle at the site
  • 100% Anti-Corrosive property till its life time
  • Hassle free installation technique even for layman
  • Adjustable rail guide helps faster installation



  • Solar power station
  • Solar energy setup
  • Solar plants


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