After hydroelectricity and wind power, the third primarily renewable energy source in the world of installed capacity is solar photo voltaic. As a result, there is a huge demand for ‘SOLAR DC CABLES‘. Solar DC cables are completely built for applications in photo voltaic power systems. A solar DC cable connects the solar panels and other electrical components of the photo voltaic system. These Solar DC Cables are designed to make UV and ozone-resistant, chemical and oil resistant, with excellent FR properties, the smoke is spread with low capacity when burned with external source and has zero or low halogen. These Solar DC Cables can avoid extreme weather conditions. It can be used within a huge temperature range. These cables can be installed in the hazardous areas of the indoor, in the explosion areas, in the industry and in agriculture. These solar DC cables are environment-friendly which meet the highest standards of application in its diverse use.


Solar DC Cables

Solar DC Cables must be insulated to withstand thermal and mechanical loads. As a consequence, plastics which have been cross-link able Silicon / Electron Beam feature are increasingly used. The insulation and double jacketed materials are extremely resistant to weathering, UV-radiation and abrasion. Also, this salt is water resistant and resistant to acid and alkaline solution. This is specially intended for outdoor use, which means direct sun radiation and air humidity, but due to the halogen-free flame retardant cross-linked jacket material, the cable can also be installed in dry and humid conditions inside the house.


  1. Weather resistant & UV resistant
  2. Resistant to mineral oils & chemicals
  3. Resistant to acids & alkaline
  4. Generally conforming to National/International standards
  5. Resistant to Impact, tear & abrasion

Solar DC Cables



  1. DC Solar cable are single core copper cables each for +ve and -ve, They are insulated with cross linkable polyolefin compound and sheathed with halogen free polyolefin compound.
  2. DC Solar cable are single core copper cables each for +ve and -ve, they are insulated and sheathed with cross linkable LSZH which has UV as well as ozone protection properties.
  3. DC Solar cable are single core copper cables each for +ve and -ve, they are insulated with HR105°C PVC Compound and sheathed with UV Stabilized HR 105°C PVC Compound.



  1. Lasts up to 30 years even under tough external conditions.
  2. Flame retardant, fire retardant.
  3. Fast & Easy installation with color identification.
  4. In accordance with new environmental regulations.
  5. Full protection against ultraviolet rays.
  6. Suitable to common connector types.
  7. Low smoke emission & low toxicity / corrosivity during fire.



  1. Solar dc cables are indented for use in photovoltaic power supply systems.
  2. Buried in ground for constructional covered systems.
  3. Used in residential and large scale solar farms.
  4. Panel to Combiner Box.
  5. Combiner Box to Power Inverter.
  6. Power Inverter to Transformer.
  7. For more info


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