DC Distribution box

We Hem Green Energy Solutions manufacturer and supply the all types of solar distribution box like DC distribution box (DCDB) and AC distribution box (ACDB).

In the 4D, the solar DC distribution box, DCDB, which we offer, guarantees innocent work and stability to the best use in class technology from highly reputed brands. We provide Array junction boxes, DCDB, ACDB, AC SPD and DC SPD for small solar PV power plants of size ranging from 1kW to 1MW. The customer can quickly install these products. We also, customize these solar power plant building blocks as per the customer’s instructions.

What is DC Distribution Box?

DC distribution box (DCDB) is used to provide flexibility for the operator of solar power plant so that both internal solar supply and battery terminals can be disconnected and connected. Based on the capacity of the power plant and battery bank, a fuse of an MCCB and appropriate rating is used here.

In DC distribution box (DCDB) we have two sections, one is a solar block and the second is the battery section.

Solar section / battery section

In the solar section, incoming terminals of MJB are fed to the input connector and the conduction path is through MCB and according to the panel used in the system capacity and the power plant, there is an HRC fuse of the appropriate rating. The same is done for the terminals coming from the battery bank.

DC distribution box (DCDB) monitoring section

In order to inspect the battery charging / discharging currents, DC distribution box DCDB is provided with digital ampere hour meter. This meter is intended to work on AC external supply from ACDB feeder only.

DC distribution box performs the following functions:

  • Connects the power sources to the network
  • Built-in tests
  • CAN and ARINC status communication
  • Detects diode failure
  • Protects against over current, over voltage, under voltage