Junction Box

An electric junction box is an enclosure housing electrical connection to provide the connection protection and security hurdles.

A small metal or plastic junction box can be a part of an electrical conduit or thermoplastic-sheethead cable (TPS) wiring system in a building. If the surface is designed to grow, then it is mostly used in the roof, under the floor or behind an access panel - especially in domestic or commercial buildings. A suitable type (such as shown on the left) can be buried in the wall plaster (though the complete hiding is not allowed by modern codes and standards now) or in concrete - only with cover.

Sometimes it involves the built-in terminal to join the stars.

A similar, usually mounted wall mounted container, is used primarily to adjust the switch, socket and related connecting wires, which is called a patrera.

What is Junction Box and why choose?

The term junction box can also be used for large luggage, such as a piece of furniture on the road. In the UK, such stuff is often called cabinet. Junction box form an integral part of a circuit protection system where circuit integrity should be provided, such as for emergency lighting or emergency power lines, or between nuclear reactors and control rooms. In such an establishment, fireproofing around incoming or outgoing cables should also be extended to cover the junction box to prevent short circuits inside the box during casual fire.

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